15 minute session – $15

30 minute session – $30

45 minute session – $45

60 minute session – $60

75 minute session – $75

90 minute session – $90


All prints are high quality. Printing service pricing is as follows (tax not included, prices subject to change at any time):

Wallet sized glossy print (die cut with rounded corners) – $0.65 per print*

Wallet sized glossy print (uncut) – $1.20 per 4×6 print (4 wallet sized prints on each 4×6″ print)**

3×5″ glossy print – $0.45 per print*

4×6″ glossy print – $0.55 per print*

5×7″ glossy print – $2.20 per print*

8×10″ glossy print – $4.20 per print*

Contact me for pricing for larger prints, canvas prints, and metal prints***

Volume discounts to some sizes are available.

*A flat fee of $5.99 is added to print orders regardless of the amount or size.

**A flat fee of $1.99 is added to print orders regardless of the amount or size

***Fees may change for larger prints, canvas prints, and metal prints

Extra Information:

I require 50% or more of the session cost paid after the session ends. I require a release signed by all clients before the session starts. For every order, you will receive a link to the photo gallery and upon final payment, you will receive a link to download full quality photos. I have no hidden fees. Cash, checks, and PayPal payment accepted.

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