I charge $2.00 per minute on event photography. This charge is for the length of the event only, editing is free after the event.


All prints are high quality. Printing service pricing is as follows (tax not included, prices subject to change at any time):

Wallet sized glossy print (die cut with rounded corners) – $0.80 per print*

Wallet sized glossy print (uncut) – $1.30 per 4×6 print (4 wallet sized prints on each 4×6″ print)**

3×5″ glossy print – $0.90 per print*

4×6″ glossy print – $1.00 per print*

5×7″ glossy print – $1.10 per print*

8×10″ glossy print – $2.20 per print*

Contact me for pricing for larger prints, canvas prints, and metal prints***

Volume discounts to some sizes are available.

*A flat fee of $5.99 is added to print orders regardless of the amount or size.

**A flat fee of $1.99 is added to print orders regardless of the amount or size

***Fees may change for larger prints, canvas prints, and metal prints

Extra Information:

I require 50% or more of the shoot cost paid after the event ends. I require a Crowd Photo Release Form posted by all entrances to the event before the session starts as well as a special release form signed by the manager/owner or the highest ranking employee working at the company (For non-companies, the host(s) will sign the form). For every order, you will receive a link to the photo gallery and upon final payment, you will receive a link to download full quality photos. I have no hidden fees. Cash, checks, and PayPal payment accepted.

If the event is too large, I reserve the right to hire a second photographer and add their fees to the bill. Contact me with details if you feel you may want my services but your event might be too large. I only work with those I feel match or exceed my photo quality.

Hire me by filling out the form below: